Taos Clinic for Children and Youth

Taos Clinic for Children and Youth is a five provider practice located in Taos County, New Mexico. They have been in business since 1978 and an Office Practicum client for seven years. Nearly 33,000 people reside in Taos County, and of those,12,000 are seen annually at Taos, the only full time pediatric clinic in the county. Thirty percent (30%) of the patients are classified as chronic, and seventy percent (70%) of the clients are insured by Medicaid. Taos County provides a high quality of life, but the practice found it challenging to recruit and retain skilled healthcare professionals for a child population requiring a high degree of varying medical treatment challenges. In addition to finding skilled labor, Taos was struggling to find a billing system that worked well for pediatrics, and superbills weren’t getting submitted in a timely manner. They had tried in-house and off-site billing before partnering with OP RCM.

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Company Profile

  • Established in 1978
  • 5 licensed providers
  • 12 staff members
  • 12,000 patients seen annually
  • 70% Medicaid

The Challenge

Taos Clinic for Children and Youth struggled to find a billing solution that worked for their pediatric practice. With a lack of skilled healthcare billers in Taos County, and after unsuccessful attempts with in-house and outsourced billing services, they decided to team up with OP RCM to help refine their billing practices and boost their revenue stream.