The health of your patients is always your top priority. The health of your practice is ours.

We understand the unique needs physicians face with their claims cycle—complex vaccine administration coding, and combined well and sick visits on the same day. We want you to get paid for all of your work, not just parts of it. When you bundle Office Practicum software with our expert billing services team, you’ll have the winning combination for a successful, fiscally sound practice. You get all the great features of our complete EHR/PM system plus our expert revenue cycle management.

When you purchase the OP RCM Bundle, you will enjoy:

  • 97% first time claim acceptance rate, ensuring claims are processed cleanly the first time
  • A dedicated, US-based OP RCM account team that will keep your revenue stream healthy
  • Complete visibility—all the billing work is done on your system
  • Assist with EDI enrollment with your clearinghouse


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