The OP Practice Management Solution will manage your daily operations with ease. Family scheduling and combined billing statements are child’s play when you use our PMS. You can run reports and conduct your billing in a way that solves the most challenging situations specific to pediatrics.

  • Built-in well visit recalls based on the AAP Periodicity Schedule
  • Tracking measures for provider productivity
  • Auto-updated vaccine administration codes specific that follow national standards
  • Detailed patient and family credit reports
  • One-touch family demographics update
  • Tracking for provider productivity
  • Aging analysis summaries by insurance payer
  • Detailed summaries on charges for visits, immunizations, and ancillary services

The benefits of transitioning to OP from paper charts

See for yourself how OP can help your front desk

Additional benefits of the OP Practice Management System include:

Flexible Scheduling

  • Set preferred appointment types for each patient
  • View patient flow by calendar or room, tracking location and time spent in each stage
  • View staging by visit or billing status
  • Departmental task orders ensure no patient leaves until all needed work has been done

Patient Check-In

  • Real-time insurance validation means you always have the most current insurance information about your patient, and collect the right copayment at the time of service
  • Fully integrated credit card payments are available when you partner with certain clearinghouses
  • Balance information is always visible on the patient check-in screen, so outstanding charges can be collected in a timely manner

Claim Payments

  • Payer adjudications come back as computer files – not paper – and are mapped to outstanding claims for instant approval and posting to patient accounts
  • Patient balances can pay themselves as payer adjudications are posted, using credit cards saved on file when the patient was in the office

Claim Submission and Tracking

  • Full-cycle electronic claim processing: claims go out, reports come back, and rejects get recycled before everyone forgets the details of the visit
  • Follow up claim status on demand, instead of waiting on hold for hours
  • Charges are created by the actual medical work as it is performed, so the billing department has time to review everything carefully