Leann_Son PortalDoc
We have nearly doubled our patient population and yet have not needed to add additional staff or phone lines to accommodate this growth since the portal handles so many of the administrative tasksLeann DiDomenico

Leann DiDomenico, Administrative Director at Performance Pediatrics in Plymouth, Massachusetts and her husband Dr. Terence McAllister co-founded their pediatric practice in 2006.

They started using Office Practicum the very first day they opened their doors, and have been using the OP Patient Portal since January 2012.

Their “micro-practice” of 3 full time and 2 part time staff have had great success using the OP Patient Portal, along with the Patient Message eXchange, and report that almost all of their patients and/or parents are now using the portal.

Read Leann’s insights about how a patient portal can benefit your practice too.

Why did your practice decide to take such an active role in using the portal?
What is the most valuable tool that helps reduce administration time for your practice?
Which departments use the portal and what does each department use it for?
How do your families find access to the internet?
How did you go about getting your patients registered on the portal?
How much time do you save, on average, by using the portal in your office?
What features define the portal experience for you and your patients?

 Photos courtesy of Jack Foley Photography