Don’t let your patients miss another vaccine

Children deserve to be immunized against all recommended preventable diseases, unless medically contraindicated. In support of that goal, our products provide industry-leading support of the entire immunization process, first and foremost assuring that doctors always have an accurate forecast at their fingertips for timely decision making at every visit.

Manually tracking the immunization schedules for all your patients can be nearly impossible, causing missed opportunities to schedule patients in need of vaccinations. Office Practicum eliminates this problem by automating immunization tracking through its VacLogic application.

Employing a sophisticated algorithm, VacLogic:

  • prompts upcoming vaccinations so appointments can be scheduled in advance
  • issues alerts for overdue vaccinations
  • calculates the provision of multiple vaccines
  • provides justification for vaccine recommendations

VacLogic also provides a summary of each patient’s immunization history and required vaccinations in the patient chart, to immediately update all staff on each child’s status. Detailed reports of immunization histories can also be created that detail each vaccination in chronological order.

Immunization Tracking Features

  • Office Practicum has built-in support for vaccine barcode scanning via the latest industry-standard USB scanners, to help improve your practice’s vaccine administration and inventory management.
  • You can also generate automated VFC (Vaccines for Children) reports, as well as easily produced analysis reports.

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