ClearTriage provides an online version of  Dr. Barton Schmitt’s telephone triage protocols for pediatric practices and clinics. ClearTriage includes all of the protocols from the book published by the AAP plus dozens that are only available online. Benefits of ClearTriage include:

  • Faster, Safer Triage Calls – ClearTriage keeps track of the decisions a triage nurse makes during a call including the protocol used, disposition selected and care advice given, reducing typing and allowing the triage nurse to focus on her patient instead of documenting the call.
  • Dosage Tables – built-in medication dosage tables provide a quick, visual way to determine the correct dosage based on patient age/weight and formulation. Dosage recommendations are automatically recorded and included in call documentation.
  • Easy-to-Use – ClearTriage is carefully designed to make it easy to learn and use, allowing your triage nurse to focus on the patient and not the software.

Office Practicum is proud to offer an integrated version of ClearTriage to our pediatric customers. Launch ClearTriage directly from the message screen in Office Practicum, no need for an additional sign in, and easily insert the triage notes as a message in the patient’s record!

ClearTriage integration is available at no additional cost to Office Practicum customers who subscribe to ClearTriage.

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