CHADIS® (Child Health and Development Interactive System) is the leading provider of online developmental surveillance tools such as Ages and Stages (ASQ™), M-CHAT™, and Vanderbilt ADHD assessments.

Office Practicum is proud to offer bi-directional portal-to-portal integration with CHADIS®’s full battery of more than 100 online surveys. The workflow is so smooth, you can deliver any CHADIS® survey using the same methods as existing embedded surveys – as a task for the patient to perform at home before the visit, as a standing order for your staff to perform at the visit, or on-the-fly if you discover a new problem during the visit.

  • Seamless surveys. When parents complete CHADIS surveys online, results are sent directly to the patient’s chart and your Surveys inbox for review prior to a visit.
  • Enhanced Revenue. Many of the validated screening tools included in CHADIS are paid as covered services in addition to routine preventive care.
  • Performance in Practice. Earn up to 50 Part 4 Maintenance of Certification (MOC) credits.CHADIS offers American Board of Pediatrics (ABP) approved programs for autism and developmental screening.


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CHADIS® integration is free of charge with your existing implementation of Office Practicum*, but you must contact CHADIS® in order to access the materials on their site. Call 888-424-2347 to reach the CHADIS® sales department or visit their website at