Wrapping Up an Eventful Year

As 2015 comes to a close, I’m guessing many of you are feeling as exhausted as I am. What a year! There have been so many changes and moving parts in the practice of medicine and Health IT it’s been like drinking from a fire hose! Continue reading

Are smartphones the medical industry’s new multi-purpose tool?

Trends in health information technology are constantly evolving, with new gadgets and programs being released every day. The industry's newest go-to tool could be sitting in your pocket, however. As the popularity of health-related mobile apps picks up, smartphones could … Continued

Pediatricians and Technology:
Are you a vanguard or wary?

I’m still debriefing from the Office Practicum User Conference where I had the great pleasure of interacting with so many of you. During the course of multiple conversations, I’ve decided that there are three general groups of pediatric practices when it comes to technology: the vanguards, the mainstream and the wary. Continue reading

How wearable technology is revolutionizing healthcare

One of the biggest technological trends in recent history is the idea of wearable tech devices. While many of these gadgets have been created for personal or recreational use, their convenience and easy-to-use features have quickly ushered them into a … Continued

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