Helping to define “meaningful use”

Office Practicum user Sue Kressly, MD has the opportunity to help define “meaningful use” for Pennsylvania Pediatricians.  As many states are now trying to determine who will qualify for ARRA funding under the Medicaid program and are defining what they … Continued

BOO! What’s scarier than getting a flu shot?

GIVING 145 flu shots to 114 patients in less than three hours. That’s right, after last week’s successful flu clinic experience, Kressly Pediatrics doubled down and scheduled patients at a rate of 42 per hour. We still ran ahead. It … Continued

House Passes Red Flag Exemption for Small Practices

From HealthLeaders Media “The House of Representatives unanimously passed a bill Tuesday, October 22, that would exempt a healthcare practice with 20 or fewer employees from the FTC’s identity theft Red Flags Rule requirement.” Link

Eating Your Own Dog Food

[If just joining us, read the previous article first. That way this one will make more sense.] I’m not really a morning person. (Brief pause for family and friends to chuckle knowingly.) But duty — and those 150 dead soldiers … Continued

Live-Blogging an H1N1 Vaccine Clinic

Saturday morning, Kressly Pediatrics is conducting an H1N1 Vaccine Clinic in which we expect to immunize 120 patients in the course of four hours. Is OP up to the challenge? As the person who conceived the 60-Second Flu Shot, I … Continued

AAP Collecting info on denial of payment for H1N1

As many practices are starting to receive, administer, and bill for the H1N1 vaccine, reports are beginning to come in regarding denial of payment both from clearinghouses and carriers. To determine how widespread this issue is, the AAP is asking … Continued

Dr. and Mr. Kressly Go To Washington

Sue and I went to a two-day conference in Washington, DC on February 7 and 8 to discuss how to increase physician usage of Immunization Information Systems (AKA Immunization Registries). Along with Stuart Weinberg of Vanderbilt University, Sue was the … Continued

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