Office Practicum has partnered with leaders in pediatrics and healthcare IT to enhance OP and bring our customers preeminent resources to help them run their pediatric practices efficiently and cost-effectively. Below is a list of the organizations we have teamed up with.


American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)DrFirstSureScriptsCHADISClearTriage
Office Practicum is excited to be the first and only EMR vendor to offer the subscription content of the AAP Pediatric Care Online™, Red Book® Online (RBO), and Patient Education Online (PEO), and web sites, accessible through Office Practicum. The content of these sites is pre-indexed within Office Practicum. Key words and diagnostic codes automatically generate point-and-click lists of the best available subscription content for the problem at hand.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) is the leading publisher in the field of pediatrics, with titles in print and electronic formats, covering all areas of healthcare for children. AAP resources incorporate peer-reviewed and leading-edge clinical research.

DrFirst is a national provider of physician connectivity services through its award-winning, GoldRx Certified Rcopia electronic prescription management system. Founded in 2000, DrFirst creates innovative services targeted to physicians in both ambulatory and acute care environments. DrFirst partners with SureScripts for pharmacy connectivity, health plan information, and patient medication history.”
SureScripts was founded in 2001 by the National Association of Chain Drug Stores (NACDS) and the National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA) to improve the quality, safety, and efficiency of the overall prescribing process. The Pharmacy Health Information Exchange™, operated by SureScripts is the largest network to link electronic communications between pharmacies and physicians, allowing the electronic exchange of prescription information.”
The Child Health and Development Interactive System (CHADIS®) was designed to assist professionals in maximizing the effectiveness of the primary care visit.

CHADIS® involves families and educators in the information gathering process. Through the web-based portal (www.chadis.com), CHADIS® allows clinicians to collect information about a patient’s health and development, easily administer self-scoring screening tools and access valuable online materials for families. CHADIS® enables clinicians to:

  • Use the pediatric check-up visit as a window into the social, emotional and behavioral health of the child and his/her family.
  • Access decision support information and choose intervention options directly connected to patient results.
  • Comply with recommendations and requirements for primary care.
  • Complete ABP approved Part 4 MOC activities.

With ClearTriage, your triage nurses have access to Dr. Barton Schmitt’s telephone triage protocols from within Office Practicum. Using the most appropriate protocol for each call promotes consistent triage across your nurses, improving safety and patient satisfaction. Plus your nurses can document significant portions of the call in OP just by checking boxes in ClearTriage, reducing typing time and freeing them up for the next call! Click here to learn more or sign up for a 30-day free trial.

Outreach Projects

Office Practicum is proud to work with these organizations to enrich the community and promote the advancement of the medical industry.

ISSA Trust Foundation
Click Here to View Greg Anderson’s Retrospective of Connexin’s 2012 Involvement in the ISSA Trust Foundation’s mission to Negril, Jamaica

The Issa Trust Foundation was established in 2005 by Couples Resorts as a nonprofit organization. Its mission is to provide a system of prevention, health promotion and education, community health improvement and other services to promote well-being and development for the people of Jamaica.

Office Practicum supports the mission of the Issa Trust Foundation through a grant of hardware, software, and support services to document the medical work performed by the Foundation’s volunteer doctors and nurses. For the past two years, all medical care delivered by annual pediatric missions has been documented in Office Practicum in real time. Jamaica-specific encounter templates, care plans, and medication formulary have been constructed to make it easy to collect structured data about the needs and medical conditions of both individual patients and the population as a whole. The results are reported to the clinics where the medical care is performed, as well as the Jamaican Ministry of Health.


Office Practicum provides an interface to the following labs. Office Practicum offers a ‘demographic bridge’ which can be used to automatically populate online order forms, as well as a result download, that enables practices to import lab results directly into Office Practicum.

LabCorpQuest Diagnostics, Inc.Shiel Medical LaboratoryBio-Reference Laboratories, Inc.Spectrum Health Laboratory
LabCorp operates a sophisticated laboratory network, with corporate headquarters in Burlington, NC, and over 28,000 employees worldwide. Our 220,000 clients include physician offices, hospitals, managed care organizations, and biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.

With scientific expertise in esoteric testing, genomics, and clinical and anatomic pathology, LabCorp performs more than one million tests on approximately 400,000 samples each day. LabCorp is a pioneer in applying advances in medicine and science to laboratory testing, with more than 35 years of experience in serving physicians and their patients.”

(Demographic bridge available).

“We offer convenient access to high quality testing and services throughout the United States. We have laboratories in or near all major cities, and esoteric testing laboratories on both coasts, providing a broad range of services to our customers. Convenient specimen collection options include in-office phlebotomy and courier services and more than 2,000 conveniently located patient service centers across the country. We also have a growing international presence, including laboratory operations in the United Kingdom, México, Puerto Rico, and India. Our businesses also offer services and administrative offices in many other countries.”

(Demographic bridge available)

For more information, visit www.questdiagnostics.com.

Shiel is one of the country’s oldest, continuously operating clinical laboratories, and New York City’s largest privately held lab. As a result of our commitment the medical community has taken notice, resulting in dramatic growth over the last few years. We service Private Physicians, Group Practices, Union and Industrial accounts, Long-Term Care Facilities, and Home Care agencies in the Five Boroughs of NYC, Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester, and Rockland Counties, and Northern and Central New Jersey. We will expand geographically as we continue to grow. Shiel’s state of the art facility provides physicians and patients with an expansive range of clinical laboratory testing services. Utilizing the most advanced technologies Shiel Medical Laboratory places the needs of each individual patient first. Our commitment to accuracy, reliability and efficiency makes Shiel a respected choice for quality clinical diagnostics.”

(Demographic bridge available)

“As the largest independent clinical laboratory in the tri-state area, Bio-Reference seeks to offer the best service possible that is personalized to fit the needs of your office. Bio-Reference operates a full service clinical laboratory and an andrology laboratory. The main laboratory is located in Elmwood Park, New Jersey and the andrology laboratory is on Park Avenue in New York City.”
Spectrum Health is a not-for-profit, integrated health system based in West Michigan. Our organization includes a medical center, regional community hospitals, a dedicated children’s hospital, a multispecialty medical group and a nationally recognized health plan, Priority Health.”

For more information about Lab interfaces local to your region, please Contact Us.


Choosing the right clearinghouse is a critical decision that will have a profound effect on the financial health and stability of your practice. Your cash flow, the turnaround time of your claims payments, your ability to keep track of slow/bad claims, and your knowledge of patient eligibility and benefits are all dependent upon a smooth interaction with your clearinghouse. Currently, we support the following clearinghouse with Office Practicum:

InstaMed (two-way communication)Navicure (two-way communication)Availity RCM (Formerly RealMed - two-way communication)ZirMed (two-way communication)
InstaMed Clearinghouse

With InstaMed, Office Practicum providers simplify every step of the healthcare payments process all in one place, allowing them to get paid faster and reduce the time and costs to collect. InstaMed Clearinghouse and InstaMed Payment can simplify your entire healthcare payments process – from eligibility, to claims, to patient billing, to reconciliation and money in your bank – all using one system, so it’s easy to use and simple to train your staff. Click here for more information and to register.

Navicure is a leading Internet-based medical claims clearinghouse that helps physician practices increase profitability through improved claims reimbursement and staff productivity. Navicure is a member of the Medical Group Management Association® (MGMA®) AdminiServe® Partner Network and also received Best in KLASTM distinction for the clearinghouse services market segment as part the 2010 Top 20 Best in KLAS Awards: Software & Professional Services report. Navicure earned the same distinction in 2008. KLAS is the leading source of information on healthcare information technology vendor performance.”
Availity RCM combines dynamic technological innovation with an in-depth understanding of the health care industry. Our unique business model is based on the mutual benefits of collaboration and expansion of our network—not fee-based profits. We strongly believe that collaboration is the only way to reduce the rising administrative costs for all participants in the health care system. And we’ve shown that our unique business model works. In less than 10 years, we‘ve become one of the largest EDI clearinghouses in the nation—processing more than 600 million transactions annually—and the most advanced electronic Health Information Network. We’ve saved millions for providers and health plans, and helped grow the businesses of our technology partners.”
As the nation’s only company delivering comprehensive cloud-based end-to-end business and clinical performance management solutions to meet the challenges of managing population health and optimizing fee-for-service and fee-for-value reimbursements, ZirMed delivers award-winning technology and client support. To discover how much our solutions can do for your organization.

For information, visit www.ZirMed.com.

Payment Solutions

Increased patient responsibilities for copays and high deductibles is a growing problem. Using an integrated Payment Solution can allow you to automate the patient payment process and get you paid more with less effort.

InstaMed Payment Solutions

InstaMed Payments

With InstaMed, Office Practicum Providers are paid faster through more payment channels with integrated payments that automatically post to Office Practicum. InstaMed offers patients convenient payment card options including front office payments, online payments, and automated, flexible payment plans. Reduce your payment security risks and simplify compliance requirements with InstaMed’s fully encrypted payment solutions. Your patient payments will be directly deposited into your existing bank account, with simple and flat-rate pricing. It’s quick and easy to add InstaMed Payments to your Office Practicum solution. Click here for more information and to register.