It’s a very flexible system. There’s enough space in the system to allow me the freedom to do what I want. It’s not confining if you want to do things a different way. View Testimonial

Dr. Elihu SussmanSole Practice OwnerNew York, NY

It’s extremely fairly priced, it’s an excellent program, and the people behind the program actually have names and are truly supportive, though you’ll rarely need them. You do not have to be a computer geek to use this program and understand how it works. View Testimonial

Dr. Julie BuckleyPonte Vedra Beach, FloridaPediatric Partners of Ponte Vedra PA

The more I use the program the more I like it and the more I think, ‘Boy, they thought of everything when they wrote Office Practicum.’ View Testimonial

Dr. Harold RaucherNew York, NYCarnegie Hill Pediatrics

I would recommend everything about Office Practicum. From innovative staff to everything in the program, it allows me to practice medicine with the confidence that we are efficient, accurate and secure with our patient information. View Testimonial

Dr. Stephanie ShultsKnoxville, TNShults Pediatrics, PC

Office Practicum is tailored to handle the particular needs of pediatric practices. In addition, it was simply the best EHR in terms of layout, ease of use and depth of content. View Testimonial

Dr. Judy KnightGlencoe, ILGlencoe Pediatrics

If a doctor was interested in an EHR, I would recommend Office Practicum for the fact that it is tooled for pediatrics, extremely easy to learn to use, and it results in huge cost-savings. View Testimonial

Dr. Robert StephensParma, OHPreferred Pediatrics

I not only have no complaints, I cannot say enough praise. The most important thing that Office Practicum has done for me is given me my life back. I love the system. View Testimonial

Harriet Hellman CPNP, FACNPWatermill, NYHampton Community Health Care

For anyone considering an EHR, I’ve not seen a better product than Office Practicum and I can hardly imagine one. View Testimonial

Dr. Robert BermanCrossville, TNPlateau Pediatrics

I have great news: Thanks to Office Practicum I got 98 out of 100 on chart review! View Testimonial

Dr. Geddy KrulUnion, NJUnion Pediatrics

The software makes all the tedious aspects of charting and billing so much easier. It allows me to focus on my patients so I can enjoy my practice, just as the first day. View Testimonial

Dr. Michel CohenNew York, NYTribeca Pediatrics