Our Mission

Our mission is connecting the community of physicians and patients to foster best practices and healthier lives.

Our Core Values

  • We wow customers by going beyond what is expected
    We deliver what is requested, but “read between the lines” to take another step beyond customer’s immediate concern.
  • We take initiative
    We are proactive and creative to find better ways to serve our customers. Mistakes can happen but we keep trying.
  • We have the courage to challenge the status quo
    We feel empowered to challenge the way things are done. Managers will encourage, and be open to, such constant change and challenges from team members.
  • We collaborate
    One person, or one department, cannot solve the complex problems we will run into. Support needs development to make software more user friendly to decrease support, development needs RCM and training to provide feedback to make our software easier to use. We communicate and use tools to collaborate with people/teams with skills that we don’t have.
  • We display confident humility
    When we are part of a team, we are confident in our own skills and knowledge. We conduct ourselves with the humility that we don’t know everything, and we are open to the fact that our partners in collaboration bring values as well. We respect the way other people think both internally with fellow team members and externally with customers and partners.
  • We are supportive
    We are here a great portion of our life, spending much time with those at work. A simple smile or some kind words each day can go a long way with keeping the day pleasant. Being playful can release the tension of long or intense work hours. Being available to listen can help team members and customers having a rough day.